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Week 11 and 12

Week 11 and 12

Where has the month of May gone, between gardening and family visits this month has flown by.  Sunday was a great day for biking and I biked at the Lake in Bel Ewert with Carl, we rode one direction and plan to go back and ride the other direction.  Found many nice parks and restaurants, homes and cottages on our 29km adventure. Rode again on Tuesday and in total rode 42km for the week.  I spent a lot of time being blessed as I walked with my Aunt Kath who was visiting from California, so I was happy to put my bike on the side lines for this. 

Again another busy week as I did two 5k Run/Walk events, for the first one I rode my bike to the event and then did the 5k event and came 2nd .  Then I rode my bike back out of the event as Carl could not get close enough to pick me up. 

Grand total in bike 701.87k (435 miles) on my quest to reach 1500k before the end of summer.