Biking Season of 2014

Biking season of 2014 has gone down as a memory, in the winter of 2014 I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms.  I had to go on modified duties at work and many sleepless night ensued at this syndrome seemed to flair up during the night.  As biking season loomed closer I was beginning to accept the biking may not happen that summer. 

I tried many different types of treatment none seemed to be helping, then I came across a person who shared with me a treatment that they had found worked, called Active Release Therapy.  I began to research it and found a few people in Barrie that did this type of treatment, treatment began and results were slight.  I sought the Lord in prayer and continued with treatment and my bike sat idle in my office.  I also had a referral for a specialist for surgery and that appointment was getting closer and closer. I had resolved that biking was not going to be happening for the summer of 2014 and yet I held out a small hope that I would be able to ride in October in the Ride For Refuge event as I had done the previous year. 

The nights began to get better around the middle of June and I was beginning to get less and less symptoms.  I had received all the medical treatment and it was up to my body and the healing hand of the Lord.  July came and it was time to meet the specialist for a surgical consult.  She looked at the test results and did her examination and then did some more tests all the time shaking her head.  She concluded that surgery was not needed and that a healing had and was taking place, she said she had no explanation.  By the first test results I was a prime candidate for surgery, but her findings that day were the total opposite. 

She said that my file would remain open for 1 year and if during that time symptoms returned I could contact her office.  I am almost at the year mark and I am pleased to say that I was able to ride in October in the Ride for Refuge event, I did a shorter route and I used my mountain bike rather than my road bike.

Praise God for treament and His healing in my life.