BOOK REVIEW: Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible

I found this book to be a must read for all serious Christians. This book is definitely a source of inspiration and a great personal piece of study material. This book is easy to read and understand and at the same time I feel it would be an asset to church leaders it is certainly solid material for teaching and preaching and setting people on the right track to understanding the real truth of the 24 controversial issues of contained and taught in the Bible. Should be a part of every Christian's personal library.
As Christians the foundation documents can be found in the bible. As time as passed, interpretations have evolved. In Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible, is a result of the global body of Christ by the Coalition on Revival’s (COR) a network of theologians, pastors, and Christian leaders as essential corrective for the Church and a weapon targeting 24 areas of false doctrine which to a large degree have been absorbed by the Church.
This book is a fascinating read not only for the updated teachings but it also references areas that can be controversial from homosexuality to the eternal fate of nonbelievers. Dr. Grimstead has spent a lifetime studying these issues and the liberalization of their interpretation. This book is way to go back to theology of Christianity
This book was provided to me for review by the publisher for review, as a complimentary copy by BookCrash. Please follow the links below to purchase a copy of this special book.