Week 4

Sunday April 1st began a new week, and in keeping with the weather it was cold and rainy and only 0c or 32f when I ventured out.  I was persistent on this trip and logged an impressive 17k in weather that was less than favourable.

Monday came and the wind decided to join into the fun, but we did have sunshine and I logged another 12.4k and then 8.6k on Wednesday in very strong north winds. 

Friday brought the sun, wind and cold, I decided to get my ride in befor  the winds got really strong.  I logged 12.265k

Saturday the final day of this week light wind and glorious sunshine and warmer temps, I biked to the lake and along the rail bed 22.5k before meeting up with Carl.  My grand total to date is 249.1k (154.78 miles)