Goals are important in life; I work best when I have a goal to work towards.  When I started my quest towards a healthier lifestyle a year ago I had a goal in mind.  As I look back I can see many mini goals that also came into play towards the final goal.

I am 20-25 lbs from my goal and this winter I was challenged to keep active with the winter weather but I did it.  As spring approached I wanted to add biking back into my routine and so I decided to set a goal.  The goal is 1500 km and I began this quest on Sunday March 11th.  I will continue this journey until I reach my goal or the snow stops me next fall. 

To give this journey a point of reference I did the calculation and from Barrie to Lancaster Penn and back it is just over 1500km’s.  I love the country side in the Lancaster area not to mention the sheep that also graze in the fields of this area; I think that this will be my motivation on days when the biking gets tough.

Week 1 is over I biked a total of 63.1 km this leaves 1,436.9 km’s to go.  I rode this week around where I live, increasing my distance each day.  I also rode near the lake which was still frozen.  A few of my rides were in the wind, but the weather was dry each time.  A short ride on Friday night found me riding with the boys and the dog running alongside on his leash. My final ride for this week I rode from home to lake a ride of 20km with a final stop at my favourite choice of coffee establishment.

See you again next week when I post of my travels..